About Status Clean Inc

We are Power Washing specialists creating exterior work-of-art transformations since 2003 by having a passion for what we do best – extracting dirt, mold, mildew, and all unwanted surface stains.

We come out to your business or property and perform a complete analysis of your power washing needs. We listen to all of your concerns, share our best practices and ideas with you and then e-mail your proposal within 48 hours. When you are ready to move forward, we put you on our schedule, giving you advanced notice of the scheduling for services to be provided.

Why Choose Status Clean?


Soft water washing is only a sales pitch. At the end of the day, high pressure is needed for certain aspects of nearly every job. With the right equipment, our professional technicians have complete control of all pressure ranging from 100 psi to whatever capacity psi the particular equipment is designed for. This places soft water washing OR high pressure washing at the discretion of the technician performing the task at hand. With our state-of-the-art Landa power washers with hot water capability up to 350 degrees, we can handle the tough jobs that in many cases our competitors can’t.

flower beds are safe with our power washing
We use only PWNA environmentally safe products guaranteed not to harm your most delicate flowers

Environmentally Green

We are environmentally friendly. We never use bleach or harmful cleaning agents. We only use the best PWNA approved biodegradable products available that will NOT harm in any way your exterior components, investments, shrubs, plants and those precious flower beds.


Avoiding Risk and Danger can ONLY come from a professional technician on site who knows the industry, his equipment and the cleaning agents well. Knowing which cleaning agents / solutions that are required for the application / job at hand to break down the dirt, mold, mildew and many other hard to clean surface stains, algae and bacteria. Nothing surpasses the expertise that comes from the necessary training and experience.

High Lift Certified

Transformation Cleaning! Power Washing can only be accomplished by first having eyes for detail. If you can’t see the grime, then by NO means can you clean it! If the grime, mold or stains are aerial high lift applicable then by no means can any Power Washing Service effectively take this on from the ground. At Status Clean Inc., we are aerial high lift certified, for ALL jobs.

Customer Service

It seems that good old-fashioned customer service has become a thing of the past. When Status Clean Inc. renders service, we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all that we do. From the very first greeting and interactions with you to delivering your transformation wash, our highly skilled technicians render all services with a high level of integrity and gratitude directed toward each and every client.

Fair Dealings

We highly believe in conducting business that is straight forward and fair for all of our valued clients. We never mark up our prices based on your community status. Nor do we offer specials or coupons, as our prices are very cost effective with every power wash – guaranteed.

You’ll be amazed with your new Status Clean image!

Not only will we deliver for you a Transformation Wash, but we will deliver it with integrity.