Residential Power Washing

Status Clean Inc. has the experience and equipment to maintain, your residential investment with our transformational HOT WATER wash! We use only bio-green friendly PWNA approved cleaning agents, that will NOT in any way harm your house exterior / Plants or flower beds. Investments at two-year intervals can save you money in costly repairs, due to grime, mold and mildew damage that can occur in the damp climate here in Northern Virginia.

Complete Residential Power Wash

residential power washing in northern virginia

ALL residential house jobs are a complete package ( House, deck or patio, deck furniture, Concrete surrounding poolside (if applicable) Walkways out to Driveway. This also includes 1 Vehicle of your choice! Car or SUV, inside and out.

You’re sure to be amazed at Our work of art ‘transformational Wash!

Please Note: All driveways, privacy fencing and detached garages are priced separately.

Deck Staining

deck staining in northern virginia
In addition to power washing your deck, we also provide staining services. We apply all stains and sealants with a hand brush and roller, We NEVER spray any deck as this can cause unsightly MESSES and gum after drying. We use Behr stains and sealants, in the stain of our Clients choice, with over 25 to choose from and apply it with meticulous detail for long lasting results.

Deck Staining is billed separately after staining.

Please Note: All Onsite analysis outside of the 25 Mile radius of the Capital Beltway will be assessed a $150.00 service charge. If you Contract or hire SCI for the job, this service charge WILL be excluded from the BILLING INVOICE