Specialty Power Washing

STATUS CLEAN INC has the experience and equipment to maintain your heavy equipment and recreational vehicles. Proper power washing at regular intervals will not only improve your image, but can also save you money in costly repairs due to grease and grime build-up or mold and mildew damage that can occur in the Northern Virginia climate.

We use only the finest PWNA-approved cleaning products and clear-coat chamois cloths guaranteed not to scratch or mar your delicate finish. With HOT WATER Capabilities to 350 degrees using ONLY PWNA approved cleaning agents, our services are green-friendly and biodegradable, perfect for marina and home applications.



Dry-docked boat transformation WASH! Removing algae buildup and other water element deposits using ONLY the finest clear coat cleaners and chamois cloths, guaranteed not to scratch or harm your delicate finishes. You will set sail with our work of art transformation Wash! We service Marinas within 2 hours of Washington D.C.


RV and Motor Coaches

We’ll keep your Motor Coach free of mold, mildew, dust, dirt and grime with our transformational HOT WATER WASH. This will not only improve the looks of your vehicle, but protect your investment. Our services are thorough and guaranteed not to harm your vehicle. We also provide Interior Detailing upon request.

private_jet power wash

Small Aircraft

Keep your private jet or helicopter in tip-top shape with our small aircraft power washing services. We use only FAA-Approved cleaning solutions guaranteed to remove grime, grit, dirt, mildew and mold without harming your aircraft.

power wash industrial equipment

Heavy Equipment

Take care of your heavy equipment with our fast and effective power washing services. Guaranteed to clean your equipment without harming it.

Please Note: All Onsite analysis outside of the 25 Mile radius of the Capital Beltway will be assessed a $150.00 service charge. If you Contract or hire SCI for the job, this service charge WILL be excluded from the BILLING INVOICE